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Licensing of a successful UK Model of Care

  • Since 1980, Able Community Care's Live-in Care Worker Scheme has enabled thousands of elderly and disabled people to remain living happily in their own home as a personal choice rather than moving into an aged care facility.
  • Live-in Care Worker Schemes (see enable people in receipt of care to choose their own care workers. Care workers who will provide domestic, social and personal care for each person on an individual basis.
  • The person being cared for or their family or advocate is in charge of how that care will be delivered. A perfect consumer directed care package.
  • The UK model of live-in care is financially efficient, innovative and desirable.
  • Able Community Care is now licensing it's Live-in Care Worker model into Australia. For further details please contact in the first instance by email to:


Angela Gifford (International) and Able Community Care Ltd have a wide range of expertise which:

  • Is experienced in the creation and management of a profitable home care organisation over a period of 30 years.
  • Is experienced at creating and working at the interface of public, private and ‘not for profit’ sector partnerships within the wide remit of the care industry.
  • Is experienced in developing specialised care for specific client groups, i.e. MS, spinal injury, traumatic brain injury, terminal illness, older people, etc.
  • Is experienced in promoting awareness, expertise, skills and acceptance across various agencies, constituencies and communities of ‘for profit’ home care.
  • Is experienced in managing campaigns that lobby national and local governments with respect to care for both clients and care providers.
  • Is experienced in providing support and guidance to both small and large home care organisations and affiliated organisations with reference to a wide care remit.


Angela Gifford (International) is part of Able Community Care Ltd. based in the United Kingdom.

The role of Angela Gifford (International) is to:

  • Support improvements and specifications of care provision where appropriate.
  • To deliver ‘client choice’ and genuine independence for customers via personalised and individually tailored care services.
  • Offer advice and strategies to increase customer numbers in existing home care organisations.
  • Offer advice and strategies to increase the calibre of current care staff and to increase retention of existing staff in home care businesses.
  • Project manage the setting up of a ‘for profit’ home care agency from conception to operating.

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