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Can You Train A Potential Carer To Be Kind

Kindness is not something that can taught, it is learnt by experience. It is as a child that an individual learns to be kind through their home, family and friend experience.

Once an adult most people fall into one of two categories either that of being kind or unkind.

Professional care workers, voluntary care workers and family carers need to be kind otherwise their performance in a caring role is flawed.

Recruitment of care workers for home care organisations and aged care homes rarely focus on this aspect of a person’s qualifications for the role.

Current trends of recruiting through an external organisation, ‘ordering’ a care worker from an online website to turn up on a designated date, having an online interview, interviewing via Skype, etc. will not show any evidence of kindness, respect or consideration for the person whom the care worker is to care for.

The regulatory bodies, both national and local, do not value kindness as a requirement for care workers or bring it up as part of the inspection process of an organisation.

Abuse of individuals is rarely carried out by kind people which emphasises the necessity of giving this aspect of a potential care workers personality a high importance in any recruitment process.

Sitting opposite a potential care worker in an interview session, it is not difficult to phrase questions to determine if a person is kind or unkind. Do we as care providers not owe it to the individuals we support to give this aspect, kindness, the importance it should have?

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  4 Aug 2017

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