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Six months into 2017 are you happy with your competitive edge.

At the start of a new year most businesses have ideas of how they will grow in the coming months and begin to implement strategies to achieve this growth. Care providers are no exception.

The care industry is in constant change and it is easy to find the months going by and plans getting side tracked and left behind.

Now is the time to reflect on what has or has not been achieved. Has progress been good, what results can be seen, have you under or over achieved with respect to new customers and new care workers?

Customers - For objectives not reached, customer numbers either down or nowhere near the target number aimed for six months ago demonstrates a problem which must be visited and worked through to correct the situation before further, inevitable, negative results.

Care workers - Care workers are the vital part of any care providerís business, without them, you cannot maintain your current customer base or aim to attract new ones. Are you happy with the maintenance of your current staff numbers and are new care workers being attracted to your organisation?

Care providers are going out of business, new providers are entering the market place. If you have results in the first six months that you are not happy with, then remedial work needs to be started now to ensure that the next six months reverses your negative situation and your care organisation ends 2017 in a positive position.

Angela Gifford International provides Marketing and Promotional Services to:

1. Help your organisation promote your care services and your brand.
2. Maintain your current customer base.
3. Interest and attract new customers.
4. Maintain your current workforce.
5. Recruit new care workers.

In addition, if you wish to diversify into the provision of a new care service which is particularly attractive to older and disabled people in rural and remote areas, then we can provide a fast track entry into the provision of Live-in Care Schemes.

For details on any of the above, please email to

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By:† Angela E Gifford
Posted:† 30 Jun 2017

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