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Is there a solution to the shortage of care workers

With an increasing number of elderly people needing care there are two major problems:
1. Insufficient funding
2. Not enough care workers to care
Both problems have been caused by Government and the Government has the solution for both.
Funding to pay for the care that is needed can be raised by increasing either income tax or National Insurance Contributions and ring fencing the revenue raised.
The problem of the lack of care workers has been caused by legislation that has removed tens of thousands of people from applying to become care workers. I refer to mature people with common sense who have raised a family, cared for sick or disabled family members and through such experience can offer their capability to older people who require low or moderate care support.
Mature people are usually the age group of choice for elderly people who need care. The empathy is there, they have shared life experiences, common conversational ground leading to comfortable working relationships. This age group is well placed to offer low and moderate care support in the manner of the old Home Help Service which saved many older people from falls, hospital admissions, etc. Bringing this age group back into the care industry would free up other care workers to train to support people with high dependency care needs.
These people available to care would not be required to complete the ever increasing range of in-depth training that is required by CQC but could be assessed as having the capability to offer low level support on a much reduced level of assessment.
It makes sense to care providers struggling to find care staff, would be welcomed by older people and their families, would benefit the NHS by freeing up beds and would be a financially efficient manner to provide care to more people.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  24 Apr 2017

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