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Complacency is the Downfall of Many Home Care Providers

You have a home care organisation that is established, provides good services and has a good reputation. Gradually your client numbers are dropping either as a result of death or customers just giving notice. Repeat business is less than a couple of years ago.
If you run several services as part of your care business, you notice that demand for one or two of the services are dropping, it might be at a stage where one service is beginning to subsidize another.
In addition you find you are getting reference requests from other care organisations for one or two of your care workers.
Low level meetings may take place about any of the above but reasons can be found for these situations:
1. Wrong time of the year, people do not want to think about care in the summer/holiday periods/bad news about the state of the economy/etc.
2. Unlucky that a larger number of clients have died this year
3. That particular service was never a mainstream service
4. We do have a little bit more competition now.
5. You will always get disgruntled care staff who think the grass is greener elsewhere and
6. Similar other excuses that will come easily to mind.
Boards and senior management of many home care organisations will never hear about what would appear to be minor miscellaneous problems until the annual balance sheets begin to slow a decline in profits. Even then when explanations are asked for the perceived reasons will be delivered.
It is however reason number four that should be on the agenda for every meeting whether it is low level management, executive level or board level.
Figures out this week already show the number of new home care entrants coming into the Australia market place is increasing. For the newcomers to survive, they will need to attract new business, which could have been your business and will need to attract some of your existing customers as well as your care workers as they seek to establish themselves as home care providers.
Innovative marketing and promotional methods to gain new customers, maintenance of current ones, attract new staff and retain good, existing ones should be an everyday activity. Deciding which customers you wish to provide services for, from both a care dependency level and from a financial background should be decided.
In addition, where several care services are offered, close scrutiny of these existing care services and their cost effectiveness should be audited and then evaluated. Decisions as to their viability reviewed as a result.
Complacency can mean a slow but avoidable decline.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  4 Aug 2016

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