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The Care Sector in the UK: The good news rather than the bad.

Domiciliary care businesses closing, care homes closing, bed numbers down, councils purchasing less and less care, the postcode lottery for state funding, shortage of care staff, zero hours contracts, tick box training and the effects of:
• The Living Wage implementation
• Pensions responsibilities for care providers and
• The care regulatory body, CQC consulting about putting its fees up by 300%.
All gloom and doom daily being reported by our media.
Without a doubt there are problems, domiciliary care agencies getting less and less hours from the state funded sector and aged care homes not being able to provide the services for the funding offered to them by their local councils. This lack of funding leading to low wages, poor recruitment and poor standards.
However, there is an excellent side to the UK care sector which rarely gets a mention. Daily there are hundreds of thousands of people being cared for by care workers who are professional, kind, supportive and responsible.
Care providers are providing flexible, safe, caring services. Care organisations are listening to their clients and their families, listening to how they wished to have their care provided and then fulfilling their wishes.
• Jane, An older lady who has a few weeks to live wants to return from hospital to die in her own home. Her professional team, the statutory sector and the care provider all work together to achieve Jane’s last wish.
• Chris, a physically disabled gentleman whose carer is his elderly Mum. He wants to go on holiday but with a care worker so his Mum can come with them but have a holiday from the practical side of caring for a couple of weeks. A holiday carer is provided.
• Michael is ninety years of age. A bachelor who worked on the international stage but has no close relatives and needs a high level of care to remain living in his flat, his home for many years. A gentleman of routine, his lifestyle of choice. Live-in carers enable him to keep his routines and remain living in his home of choice.
The above are examples of care packages which Able Community Care provides but thousands of other UK care providers are offering further and different care services, all to excellent standards on a daily basis.
The anxiety that is caused by the media reporting the negative side of social care is destructive and causes worry and anxiety to individuals and families. Negative reports on a continual basis demoralise the workforce at a time when caring should be viewed as profession to enter with enthusiasm.
Let’s make 2016 the year we seek to re-address the balance.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  9 Mar 2016

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