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January has almost gone – Did you make time to attract new customers?

For the majority of older people and their families the purchase of care is a grudge purchase.

It is not necessarily so when an individual has a crisis and the provision of available care is seen as a blessing, something, at the time, to be thankful for. At this time, care providers, both in home care and facility aged care will find it easy to attract new customers. The cost of any care available will be secondary to the fact that care can be provided now.

However, very few businesses can survive on crisis customers. It should be recognised that each care providers marketing strategies may depend on attracting and interesting people who at the time they first come across a care provider’s name do not actually need to access or pass on details about available care services.

Individuals who are in this category are in a wide selection of classification, older people, relatives and friends of older people, health professionals, volunteers through to retailers which have an interest in care, pharmacists, aids and equipment stores, etc.

• Marketing and promotional activity for potential customers to make contact with your care organisation at a time of need should be considered, planned and directed on a regular basis and January is a time to re-assess and plan marketing and promotional activities for the next twelve months.

• When competition in the care sector is increasing at a higher rate than ever before, older and tired methods need to be changed and refreshed to attract attention.

• Imaginative ideas and projects should look different from last year.

• The regular ‘drip, drip’ of information about your services can establish your name as a care provider but the information needs to catch the eye each time and encourage attention.

• All care organisations should have the objective that when someone needs care you are: The first provider that comes to mind and you are the first one they call.

Angela Gifford will be in Australia offering the following workshop in late February/March : Innovative Marketing and Promotional Strategies for your Care Organisation.

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By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  26 Jan 2016

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