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Complacent Care Provision Can Lose You Customers

Do not underestimate the value of long term customers who can easily become new customers of another care provider. Retention of existing customers should be part of any care organisations working day in respect of the value you place on them.

For years I have bought company cars from the same garage. When they changed dealerships I stayed with them. Although not a huge customer I buy around 9/10 new cars every three years. In addition all the work and servicing goes to them.

Recently my car, 18 months old, developed blisters on the paint work. The garage took photos and I fully expected them to come back to me within a few days. Five weeks later I contacted them. The response, I was emailed and advised that the photos were not of sufficient quality re the guarantee on the car so would I take it to a specialist garage to have further photographs taken.

Immediately I was emailed this news, I became irritated. I felt I deserved better. How much longer would I have had to wait if I had not made contact? I am not happy with their solution. No apology for the delay, no offer to assist in collecting and taking the car to have the second set of photos taken.

Twenty years of having a good relationship with the garage has been damaged.

It is not just the motor industry that can become complacent, can neglect it existing customers in favour of the new, it is also the care industry.

  • Long term customers are the financial backbone of any care provider, regular fees.

  • Long term customers who are kept satisfied are your best and most competent salesmen. They can direct both new customers and care workers to you.

  • Long term customers will understand and go with you if there are problems as long as you treat them with respect.

  • Long term customers should be the example of how your quality of care can be provided.

In the new competitive world of care, ignore this customer sector at your peril.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  26 Nov 2015

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