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How Do You Motivate Staff To Embrace Change?

Changes happen in every industry and the aged and disability care sector is no different. However, the changes that have come into being in the UK and in Australia are serious and time consuming changes.

Regulations and aligned specifications are cascaded down from Government level but the understanding and interpretation of them can be varied and open to interpretation. Referring back to the regulators of the new systems very rarely help as their individual staff are usually in the same position.

This means that you have to find your way round to what you consider, is understanding. Following on from gaining your perceived understanding, you need to impart this knowledge plus the activity which will result from it and motivate all your staff to be part of the action.

All your staff is the key to success. For serious changes to occur and benefit the organisation, and in addition pass on the benefits to your clients, every person in the organisation has to really recognise and know what is expected of them to achieve the organisationís objectives.

In smaller organisations this is much simpler. Meetings, brain storming sessions, methodology trials, etc. are much easier to organise and put in place.

For large organisations this is not the way forward. Large meetings may pull in numbers but not everyone attending will go away with enthusiasm and a desire to achieve. Large numbers in staff meetings are also likely to promote groups who feel threatened and will therefore resist change.

For large organisations the surest way to achieve objectives is to hold smaller, motivational meetings with staff to get them on board with knowledge, the implications and responsibilities of the changes as it affects them. This is time consuming and has a cost consequence but the value should not be underestimated or delayed.

I once read the following: there are three causes of death for an organisation, complacency, mis-management and the rise of younger, hungrier competitors.

At the present time this thought should be considered relevant.

By:† Angela E Gifford
Posted:† 25 Aug 2015

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