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In a Consumer Directed World What is Your Organisation Offering?

With the advent of CDC and the new, experienced, CDC care organisations coming to the market place it is a time to review your current service provision before your new competitors have made inroads into what you have historically perceived as your market place.

Many existing care organisations offer numerous services to customers who have differing social care and health needs and therefore have been provided with a range of care services from individual organisations.

In the world of CDC it may not be wise to be 'all things to all people' as the provision of many services usually has complicated management structures and a resultant diffusion of efforts throughout the organisation.

CDC will be about selling a service to a customer against the offering of several other care providers. Where a wide range of services are being offered by an organisation, the result will be that different sales methodologies will be needed for each service, the focus and concentration on each service will be weakened, a higher number of staff will be needed, and higher costs and lower profitability will result.

Look at your 'best sellers' or at your areas of greatest need and focus on these areas for success. Once the areas of your potential customers have been recognised look at your demographic area of coverage and reach out in this area to provide these services.

Focus on making chosen services the flagship of your organisation. Build your reputation for quality and service on less rather than more offerings. In the new world of CDC the future is about survival and growth thereby enabling support for everyone who will need caring for in the future.

By: Angela E Gifford
Posted: 23 Oct 2014

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