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When Giving Out Free Pens, Mints And Mugs Are Not Enough!

Older people and their families, disabled people and their families very rarely have a need for a pen, a tin of mints or a new mug. Quite simply they will not be impressed if you give them any of these gifts when you are seeking to impress them with the care service you wish them to purchase.

What will impress however is when you demonstrate how you are going to support each individual with a care service enabling increased independence leading to a lifestyle more fulfilled than the present one they have.

How will you convince any potential customer that they should choose you as their care provider rather than the care provider down the road?

Potential customers seeking care services are seeking a solution to a challenging situation they have found themselves or their relative in. Your solution, the promise of a care package needs to demonstrate that you will make their life better.

Competition in the care sector is increasing, the market is becomes more volatile each year as can be demonstrated by the increasing number of providers who cease trading annually (UK), in addition all governments have a need to reduce their social care costs wherever possible and are looking for extra value usually at a reduced hourly cost.

For care providers to maintain their current customer base and to become the chosen one for new customers a care organisation has to recognise and promote the advantages that they have over the competition. Many organisations will not recognise that they have any advantages and it is then necessary to spend time looking within the organisation to find out what they may be. What are you good at, do you have care workers with unique skills, what is your reliability percentage, what are your ongoing achievements for your customers, what do your customers say about you, have you asked them, can you build on their positive replies and act on the negative ones?

Such activity will generate changes that you may wish to make within your organisation, enable you to define positives that will differentiate you from the crowd, give you promotional and marketing ideas and will enable you to offer high expectations and the delivery of these expectations to your potential customers.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  2 May 2014

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