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Working with the Consumer Directed Care (CDC) World in Australia

In the last few years I have been researching and working with Australian care providers as they prepare for the beginning of their new world of care provision.

The existing care providers, if they are to survive and prosper, are now auditing every aspect of their organisations service provision. Mission statements based on the ethics and aspirations of past care can be retained but the practical provision of maintaining the ethos now has to be based on the practical ability of each organisation to provide what each customer wants, at a price that is viable enough for the organisation to remain operating and to make a 'profit'.

To date I have found providers of both aged and disability care falling into two distinct categories. First, those who have embraced with enthusiasm the work that needs to be done and the second category those who are in the 'let's wait and see' mode.

The UK experience of CDC has been a long, frustrating process but there are valuable lessons that can be learnt from our experience. Lessons that can shortcut the processes to be 'fit for purpose' and to increase the odds of survival and future growth.

Feedback from care providers I have worked with over the last 18 months, by definition, have begun to address the changes that they need to make. They are in the first group.

Running workshops, helping organisations to recognise what needs to be addressed, looking at all of the practical aspects of the care services they are currently providing, looking at possible diversification, enabling such diversification to come to market, introducing promotional and marketing activities as ongoing disciplines has been immensely satisfying.

Providers who I have worked with, who are embracing the next couple of years, will survive and grow. Feedback, which has been sent to me, also identifies them as being in the first group. These comments from such care providers demonstrate that they are on the way to greater participation and success in 2014/2015:

'A valuable session, lessons were informative, insightful and thought provoking'.

'Engaging and extremely astute businesswoman'

'Presentation interesting and exciting'

'I am motivated and indeed excited.'

'You were motivating and inspiring.'

'Your visit opened up a different way of thinking.'

'Very positive feedback from all attendees at the workshop.'

'A successful business always has something innovative that sets them apart from everyone else in the same business; Angela demonstrated this clearly to us.'

The second group, I have not worked with!

The new care world will change the manner and ways in which care is provided across the care spectrum. Providers, workers and recipients of care should all welcome the changes as it will be an environment where all participants can benefit.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  3 Apr 2014

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