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Care Providers - Are You Looking Forward To 2014?

2014 will be a year of change for people who need care, care workers and care providing organisations.

For example, many people in the UK who three or four years ago would be entitled to state paid for care are no longer eligible as financial pressures on local governments mean that only people with high dependency care needs can receive state funded, care services. The option left is for those who can afford to pay for low level care, to buy in their care as fee payers. Others are left without care, reliant on family and friends to assist.

Good care workers will have a much better choice of whom they work for as new providers continue to come into the market with the objective of providing services to the private customer market. The new providers or those who recognise the increasing competition will know that they have to recruit and maintain their care worker base and will do so by involving their care workers in ways that induce loyalty, paying better rates and being proactive rather than re-active with their workers on a daily basis.

Care providing organisations will only succeed in growing and remaining in business by recognising that in addition to pivotal marketing for their customers and crucial promotional activities it is their care workers and staff, not the board and higher management that are the drivers of reputation and ongoing success.

Care organisations need to have a reputation of excellence that includes as a high priority, reliability. Reliability of:

  • Services being delivered at the required time.

  • By regular care workers who are liked and appropriate.

  • Reliability as in never missing a scheduled shift or visit.

Reputations can be won or lost by front line staff and bad news travels fast in local neighbourhoods and beyond.

Now, at the beginning of 2014 each care providing organisation would be wise to:

  • Review and audit all departments involved in providing the care services they are seeking to sell.

  • Look for the strong and weak points within their organisation.

  • Compare their organisation with their competitors.

  • Seek out possible new or niche markets.

  • Aim for quality and high standards throughout.

  • Feel confident that the care services that they provide are the best in their field.

  • Set targets to measure progress and if these are not being met, consider purchasing outside

  • expertise to get back on track.

2014 will be a different but exciting and stimulating New Year, look forward to it.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  8 Jan 2014

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