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Social Care Workers Recruitment and Retention

The older population is on the increase and as a result many more people will require care. How is that care to be provided and how does any care provider tackle the problems of recruitment and retention of care workers?

Many people are of the opinion that an increase in pay rates would go a long way to help solve the problem. However the reality is that in the short term this is unlikely to be on offer.

In the UK especially with the introduction of the pension legislation affecting care providers in 2015, the cost of care services will rise and the individual care workers contribution will be seen as a pay cut.

With no magic solution available it is for each care provider to work on their recruitment and retention strategies.

Facts have to be faced, recognised and acted on. In the next few years this will be the part of the business that every care provider has to focus on.

Care workers are the day to day face of your business out in the community and every customer is pivotal to the success or otherwise of an organisation.

It is the customer who pays the wages of every member of staff and ensures a profitable or non profitable annual result.

In countries where Consumer Directed Care has been absorbed into the culture giving customers buying power and choice, if one organisation cannot fulfil their needs, another organisation certainly will.

Happy customers want safe and appropriately trained care workers. Customers want the same care workers fulfilling their daily needs. Customers want care workers who are happy with the organisation they work for and respected by them.

Happy customers bring in new work, they recommend your business.

Care workers who are not happy with the organisation that they work for will demonstrate this. Many recipients of care, where a relationship has been built up with their care workers will sympathise with their position and it is common for customers to change organisations when their care workers joins another care provider.

Audit your recruitment strategies; can you get better results by doing things differently?

Audit your retention figures, how can they be improved? What steps have you taken to date to explain your statistics? What can you do better?

In the future, organisations who cannot address the current recruitment and retention problems will fail. Simply put, customers will avoid them

By: Angela E Gifford
Posted: 15 Aug 2013

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