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Poor Care Workers - Why Does This Happen?

Our media is reporting that hundreds of thousands of untrained carers are being allowed to work in our hospitals, care homes and home care companies.

Not only is the non training issue mentioned but in an interview on national radio this week it was also stated that many of these carers cannot, read, write or understand English.

For any person to get a job they have to be recruited and processed by HR/Recruitment Departments so surely the problem starts here?

For interviewees for a care job who state on their application form that they have had a career in care, this has never been easier to check, is it not done?

If you are interviewing a potential care worker on the other side of the desk and they are unable to speak English, or fill in a few simple details on a form provided for the purpose of checking this fact, why would you offer them a job?

Training programmes in care are abundant so presumably people who are unable to articulate are not directed to them because they would be unable to participate because of the lack of spoken English?

Perhaps the employees in many HR/Recruitment offices never visit the disabled and older people who are going to be the recipients of their ‘successful’ vacancy filling. Introducing it as part of the training processes for HR/Recruitment staff may be the place to start to resolve the problems.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  15 Jul 2013

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