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Social Care Headlines From Around The World - November 2011

In order to help elderly people live independent lives in their own homes, a new 300 a year grant will be given to every elderly person over 80 living in their own home or with their family. This initiative will cost 3.5 million, and will benefit nearly 12,000 elderly people. Therefore, through this grant and the full cost of living increase, every elderly person over 80 will receive an increase of over 10 a week.
VAT on private nursing and home help offered by the private sector to the elderly in their private homes will be removed as from 1 January, 2012.
A few years ago, an income tax exemption for relatives of elderly people helping their parents live in private nursing homes was introduced. As from next year, this initiative will be increased by 500 to 2,500. Source: Malta Independent Online
HSE pays not for profit care companies more than 50m a year to provide homecare to people within the country. Source

By: Angela Gifford
Posted: 21 Nov 2011

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