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Selling A Service Not A Product

Care providers do not make anything useful which they can sell, no product which they can look at, market, count the number sold and as a result know how much profit or loss their product makes.

However in reality care providers do have to sell, not a product but the care services they provide and just as a company with a product, a care organisation has to compete for market share and be successful.

The number of elderly and disabled people is growing and will continue to do so and as a result more care providers are entering the market which they see as a potentially lucrative environment to operate in.

Figures from the UK over the past twenty years demonstrate the exponential rise in care providers from the date when UK Councils began to purchase care services for those beneath the financial assessment line and people designated as being able to pay for their care services began to purchase care services as fee paying customers.

For customers to buy your care service they have to 'find you' and the first contact, whether it is as a result of your marketing, a recommendation, a Google search, etc. that first contact has to impress your potential customer.

Unless the first contact is a direct recommendation then the likelihood is that they will also find your competitors who will be trying just as hard to attract a 'new customer'.

To compete in the care environment an organisation needs to think creatively, look at what they provide, how are they telling potential buyers that their service is available and is better than those offered by the competition. What makes your care service unique?

Market research, brainstorming sessions, innovative ideas, looking at niche areas of service, diversification, marketing, publicity, promotional activity, brochure and web site appeal are just some of the areas to be addressed if you want to be ahead of your competition.

Survival for any care provider is about providing the care service that people want to buy, supplying it after the initial purchase, maintaining the service not only to your customer's satisfaction but where possible above and beyond their expected satisfaction level. It is also about knowing the cost of the service you offer in order for you to remain profitable and enabling your organisation to stay in business and maintain and grow your customer base.

In an aggressive market place any service provider needs to constantly re-visit what they are offering for sale. Monitoring themselves and their service provision should be an inherent part of their business. Observing the competition will also pay dividends.

Any organisation providing the service that a customer wants at a price which they, the customer, knows is giving them excellent service and value means that they become an important and financially efficient part of your sales team. Every organisation needs to try and cultivate this situation.

The bottom line for every care provider is that without sales there will be no organisation.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  27 Sep 2013

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