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HelpAge International

HelpAge International helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and to overcome poverty enabling them to lead dignified, secure, healthy and active lives.

In the past year over 750,000 older people and their families accessed HelpAge International in relation to health, emergency and finance related services.

HelpAge International helped two million older people claim their first pension payment or receive an increased amount and in addition supported 50,000 older people to fight abuse and discrimination cases.

The organisation works in 60 countries across: Africa, The Caribbean, East Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, The EU, Latin America, The Middle East and South Asia. The Secretariat is based in London.

The organisation campaigns continually and produces two online magazines to help you keep up to date with their campaigning and news stories.

To sign up and to read about the extensive services HelpAge provides visit

The organisation is also on Linkedin and Facebook.

By:  Angela Gifford
Posted:  17 Jul 2012

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