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Differentiating your Care Organisation from the Crowd

The question for all care providers is not whether there are enough potential customers around but rather how can you attract and interest those potential customers to become ‘your customers’?

Before they can learn about the type of care any organisation can provide, learn about the quality of care being offered, they have to find you and identify the organisation as one they want to contact.

With the influx of care organisations entering the Australian care market in the next couple of years there will be more choice for potential customers to choose from. Standing out from the crowd will be the method to attract and interest those looking for care. This applies especially for people who have not had the need to seek care services in the past or for people who are now needing to fund their care packages themselves.

Social media is advancing and web sites have become a mantra for web designers selling their services to care providers. As a result web sites are attractive and professional. However, try an experiment. Put yourself in the place of a potential customer. Look up four or five care providers. A day later see which one stands out above the others in your memory.

When every care provider has a good website, the value of the website gets reduced. Just as in advertising, where a care provider advertises in a publication with other care providers, the value of the impact and cost of the advertisement immediately reduces.

In the UK commercial publishers sell advertising space in geographical, area publications which are simply full of care providers with a minimum of other content. Home care, nursing care, aged care facilities are on every page of the glossy books. The number of entries can only confuse potential customers.

Newspapers and magazines have ‘care supplements’ which they will fill with similar multi care provider advertisements. It is not about giving information but about selling advertising space whatever the person on the end of the phone tells you when trying to justify the cost of the quarter page advertisement.

To develop a relationship with a potential customer, to attract and then interest them other methods can be found. Advertising is a part of the marketing process and has value but choose carefully where you spend this part of the marketing budget.

Marketing and promoting a care service is a skill. It is selling a service not a product. It is selling your particular service to the customers you wish to appeal to, to customers whose problem you can solve and to whom you can offer benefits if they choose your organisation.

Over the last twelve months I have given many workshops* where participants have chosen the subjects they wish to discuss from a range of choices. Marketing and promotion have always been on the agenda. (Closely followed by care worker recruitment).

Take time out, think about what you offer, who you are going to offer your services to, where you are going to offer them, what makes you different, research and locate your customers and then ‘shout’ above other providers why they should choose you.

Further workshops will be held in late August/September. For details please contact Rachel at:

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  2 Jun 2015

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