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Customers pay your wages and potential customers need to be converted to your customers to continue the process

Care organisations exist to provide solutions to problems.

Care organisations are contacted in the first instance, to see if they can solve an individual's problem at that moment in time. This first contact is to see if the result they are seeking can be delivered by you. The result being sought could be information; it could be the services you provide or both.

This first contact could be by telephone, could be face to face.

Face to face with an existing staff member, with an existing or past customer, in the office, at a weekend social gathering, online or in a range of social media tools, just any location is possible for that first contact for your next customer. To convert this potential customer into your customer, this contact has to be a positive one.

People buy from people and therefore an organisations influence on how their services are sold is of paramount importance.

The office receptionist, the telephone receptionists, care managers, the admin staff, the trainers, recruitment staff, outreach workers, the post staff, care staff, etc. all need people skills personalised to your organisations mission statement and the services you provide.

All staff should be fully versed in the practical knowledge of how their organisation can solve a person's problems when they are asked. Each person, wherever they are located, needs to create a relationship with a potential customer. A relationship which offers trust and knowledge of the organisations activities.

A potential customer walking away with a negative feeling will not contact you again and is likely to pass on their negative feelings to others.

Many organisations have branches, have many different services within the organisation, staff may be widespread as a result, but wherever they are located, whatever their role in the organisation, they are all representatives of your brand.

Make sure they are aware of the solutions that are on offer, not only in their particular service or role, but are knowledgeable about the other services you may offer, the range of solutions available.

Painting a practical picture for a potential customer is part of people to people selling and delivered empathetically secures new customers. Can all your staff paint pictures?

In a competitive world, not to take care of any potential customer will mean there is always going to be another care provider who will.

Each person within an organisation can help the process of ensuring the monthly wages, it is a shared responsibility.

NB Motivational workshops are available for all levels of staff. For further information please make contact at:

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  4 Sep 2014

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