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Care in the Home

  • Able Community Care has been providing live-in, home care in the UK for over 30 years. We care for adults of all ages who wish to remain living in their own homes rather than moving into a residential care setting. In addition we provide short term respite care and ‘home from hospital’ care. For an information pack please email to or call 01603 764567.

    Before purchasing a care service are you aware:

  • Over 5000 UK social care agencies offer care in the home from a few hours, to night sitters, night sleepers and other individual, services.

  • All social care agencies are regulated and inspected by The Care Quality Commission, who, once an inspection has taken place, publish the report online at

  • All social care agencies should have a brochure about their services and should have available a contract document and a Policies and Procedures document.

  • If you are considering purchasing care for yourself or a loved one, you should contrast agencies against each other, about the services they offer, how the financial cost is spread .i.e. how much is your carer actually paid, how much is the agency fee, are there any other costs, etc?

  • Purchasing care at home is a personal thing, but it is a purchase and you are a customer. As such, if one care company does not provide the service that you require, leave on friendly terms and try another one!

  • Many people choose to have a care at home service set up on a private basis and this can work very well. However, this has to be legally set up because you become an employer and as such, you have responsibilities that cannot be avoided.

  • By:  Angela E Gifford
    Posted:  10 Jul 2012

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