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Care - How easy it is to lose your reputation and future customers.

A reputation as an excellent care provider is a reputation that comes from the hard work of every member of any care organisation. A good reputation can take many years to achieve and should be nurtured and valued by everyone working within the organisation on a daily basis.

A good reputation used as a promotional tool is often not thought about and as such can be undervalued. The perception and reality of a good reputation for the services offered will attract and interest potential customers. A good reputation offers the message that the organisation is professional, caring, reliable and trustworthy.

Recently in the UK there have been several examples of care providers with many branches/franchises that have been a trusted name, that have had their reputation damaged by a minority of people. A branch or a franchise has been found wanting, the services provided have not been of good quality, reliability non-existent, record keeping inadequate and the newspapers have published the stories. Reputation destroyed in minutes.

The majority of the people working for these care providers genuinely promote the mission statement of their company, to provide the very best standards of care. However, their reputation has been tarnished, the name of the care organisation has been the recipient of bad publicity and will result in a negative effect when it comes to potential customers.

Could these situations have been prevented? Was it because the branch or franchise was not overseen by senior management, was help requested but not delivered by their head office, was it because the management was not ‘fit for purpose’?

Potential customers are the life blood of any care service and a care providers reputation more often than not is the first thing that comes into their head and is the deciding factor as to whether they make that first contact call to you. Ignore this and customer numbers will decline.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  13 Apr 2016

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