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Australian Care Sector 2015

Many UK care providers are finding it difficult to sustain their service provision with reference to Government funded social care services. Government funded care is paid for by local government/authorities and very few are paying a realistic, financial rate to provide care to service users. As a result many care providers are finding themselves in financial difficulty in both the home and residential care sectors.

This can be demonstrated by the fact that today an email from one business estate agent gave details of nine home care providers who were selling their organisations. Several quoted contracted hours indicating government funded client base.

It is a mistake to build or sustain a care business on government funded care packages. Governments across the world do not nor will have the funding to pay for the increasing numbers of older people who will require care.

The fee paying market, in its fledgling state in Australia will grow. People who need care and are assessed as being able to pay for their care services will have to do so or go without, relying on family and friends for as long as possible.

All care providers looking to survive in the next few years would be well advised to have a mixture of paying customers: Government funded and private fee payers.

This requires strategies to decide the services you want to provide, where you want to provide them, how much to charge for them and then to sell them to your customers of the future**

The time to be realistic is now, survey the possible future and prepare.

**Recent workshops given by Angela Gifford International ( covering topics chosen by attendees have included:

  • Marketing and promoting your care service to new customers.
  • Maintaining your present customer base from increasing competition.

Further workshops are being held in late August/early September. The workshops can be held at an organisations own premises or places can be booked at other locations. For details please email to: FAO Rachel Skipp.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  19 Jun 2015

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