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Aged Care - Information is Power but make sure it can be accessed!

Recently I went to a day devoted to giving information to older people. The idea was that having the information from the many exhibitors they could learn and evaluate such information for benefit in their later years.

The exhibitors came from care providers, financial advisors, solicitors, the voluntary sector, aids and equipment professionals, businesses that had wheelchair friendly restaurants and gift shops and many other businesses and organisations that all had related information to offer.

There were also fun things like a fashion show and an excellent choir and speakers to entertain.

But nobody came! A day long event ended with disappointment all round. Why?

It does not matter where in the world such a good initiative takes place if basic, practical thinking is not carried out in relation to the audience you are hoping to attract:

  • For an older person footfall the venue has to be accessible. In the venue in question, there was a car park, the exhibitors used it. It was in a suburb but there was no regular bus route to the venue, older people could not get there.

  • The sons and daughters of older people who may have found the information of great interest were at work. It was held mid week.

  • The entrance fee for the visitors was high the price for the exhibitors was cheap. The wrong way round!

For the organisers of this day, it is likely to have been a financial mistake, for the exhibitors it was a waste of a day.

The lessons to be learnt for people and organisations thinking about planning a similar event:

  • Make sure you know who your customers are.

  • Research - Ask questions of your older relatives, the older neighbour, age care professionals, don't assume. If you are a care organisation ask your existing clients.

  • Put yourself in the role of an older person and make plans accordingly.

  • Older generations have a different idea of value for money, take this into consideration.

  • Do not let your exhibitors down by failing to provide potential customers. Next time, they will say no!

It was a great event totally wasted - what a great shame.

By:  Angela E Gifford
Posted:  25 Mar 2014

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